There are millions of photographers in the world...and why shouldn't there be?...there are millions of individuals. Why is my photography different? Merely because it is mine. There are many who will like it; there are many that will criticize it. Both are OK. Freedom means we can choose what we like and how it affects us.

My photography is born from a fascination and passion for light--or more importantly, the capturing of light. Photography is one means by which we can stop time by capturing an infinitesimal sliver of light, and permanently record it for anyone in the future to see. Miraculous--no; fascinating--yes.

Please select a category via the menu to view the galleries.  I can be contacted via email. I will enjoy any comments you wish to email me.  If there is a photograph that is especially meaningful to you, let me know and we can make provisions for you to get a copy.

Michael Webb Stephens



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